In the Bubble / Journal of a Journey Asaf Kliger, Roee Rozen


Roee Rozen’s exhibition, which follows a photographic technique rather than imagery of a specific kind, corresponds with the subject of exposure in photography. The amount of light that the sensor receives is measured partly in terms exposure time. Here, Roee exposes the sensor slowly, allowing the picture to accumulate, and so, to come into being over time. The resulting works embody multidimensional photographic content, different from that of normal exposure, and create a sense of duration, and even moments of poetry and nostalgia. The beach at Tel Aviv seems enclosed in a frozen bubble, both in time and space. Not far away from reality…


In his series of works, Asaf Kliger has created multilayered photographs, comprised of hundreds of pictures taken throughout his journey in South America, and placed layer over layer, creating a spectacular photographic compression. Asaf created one picture for each country he visited, reflecting the colors, textures and characters of his voyage in that same country;  a kind of artistic national flag for each of these countries. Argentina, for instance, appears greener and more compressed than Bolivia, which seems more like a desert, or the vivid Brazil that is as colorful as its carnival. This visual compendium of experience creates photographs that resemble abstract impressionist or partly cubist paintings.