The exhibition deals with the definition of light, with the volume it occupies in space, and with the cultural aspects related to this matter. When light strikes any material, absorption, reflection or diffraction occur. In their series of works, Liron Sandman and Guy Yitzhaki focus on the very moment when light encounters the object and creates space. In his video-installation, Guy projects worsted beams of light through graphic stencils and over city buildings. The Tel Aviv Museum looks like a camouflaged military object, with a different volume that could not be found in the original building. His works resemble and remind us of the light boxes and first animations of the beginning of the previous century. The Museum turns into a new construction, a ‘Ready Made’ of the museum itself. Liron projects colorful beams of light onto nature, following the tension between that which is natural, and the object which is created by means of the projection, turning it into still life. The two artists raise a meta-photographic query, and discuss the essence of an image. They create imitations by means of light, and in the new spaces that light creates; they present cultural questions by inquiring upon photography as a medium.