The Limits of Photography Cezar Sperinde, Moran Konstantin


The exhibition focuses on the degrees of freedom that the photographic medium affords, to create new and imaginary worlds, while engaging in a visual game with the spectator. Moran Konstantin and Cezar Sperinde do this wonderfully. Moran creates fictional worlds in the studio with small models, constructed out of materials that she finds at home or in the street, such as soap, sand, cleaning sponges, coals and the like. She shoots the models as if they had ‘come out’ of a magazine like National Geographic. Cezar, on the other hand, ‘plays’ physically with photography: he first produces transparencies and slides of different objects he shoots in the streets; he then fixes them to a window, to then shoot them again. This photographic manipulation debates the boundaries and capacities of photography itself.