Palpable Memory Liron Kroll, Nirit Gur Karby


In this exhibition, Liron Kroll and Nirit Gur Karby successfully construct, each in her own way, a fictional childlike world, where they can deal with the tension between the desire to belong to a social framework and its simultaneous rejection. The artists deal with the illusion ever-present in the reality we live. How is that people handle everyday crises, and achieve a momentary feeling of success, until the following drama. The exhibition focuses on the feeling of momentary satisfaction that shelters within it many contradictions: happiness and sadness, elation and inferiority, memory and amnesia, possessiveness and loss. Liron presents these contrasts by means of her characters, who have a ‘privileged’ self-image born from the imagination of the characters themselves, in relation to the routine in which they revolve. Nirit’s approach to the same conflicts is rather conceptual: the choice to frame the body, the legs or the back, while concealing facial expressions, contributes to the sense of mystery in her work. The two artists, each according to her method, successfully create an imaginary world, mysterious and fascinating, that raises questions about the existential illusion of our lives.