Illusion or Reality Liron Sandman


In the series presented in this exhibition, Liron Sandman employs different photographic strategies, besides her exploration of nuances, and she relates to them as a form of ongoing visual examination. Through representation of ‘nature’ in its own habitat, Liron considers the expansion of the urban into natural space and its eradication, and thus raises questions about the relation between the two. The tension under scrutiny represents two contradictory metaphysical spaces: nature in contrast with the living space that man creates for himself, which is, in essence, destructive to nature. Her work raises a ‘meta-photographic’ debate, as well as questions about the nature of photography: which is the source and which the reproduction? Is the nature that is presented a reproduction of the original, or, contrariwise, a visual illusion transmitted by the medium. Liron uses different strategies besides her focus on details. Her works are presented as a form of visual exploration; aware of photography as a medium, it speaks of a “cultural situation” by presenting plants as objects, and plays on light and sight.